Timebloid Spectacular watches of Russian oligarchs

As a rule, it is the western part of Europe that is considered the richer and much better developed. However, in terms of watches among the elite, Russia seems to be a country of endless prosperity. Here are some compelling evidence of this fact, coming straight from the highest levels of Russian politics and business. 

Timebloid Watches of USA Presidents

On the wave of persistent emotions after the elections in the United States, we inspect what, apart from the political program, was on the wrists of the former and current presidents of the world’s leading country. We present a rich selection of presidential watches, from very modest timepieces that are only a time measuring device, to much more sophisticated watches, telling about the owner much, much more…

Review Serica 4512 [live photo, price]

Among the redundancy and blandness promoted by numerous new microbrands, there came another project that seems to stand out above the average. Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Serica 4512 is a watch that combines the old with the new in a more successful way than many re-editions we had the opportunity to review at CH24.