SHOP.CH24.PL – we’re opening our boutique e-shop(!)

If just like us you enjoy to surround yourself with objects, that remind you of your passion, our brand new e-shop should not disappoint. From today on you will not only find extensive coverage of the world of watches on CH24.PL, but will also be able to purchase some properly cool stuff too.

6th of December 2019 marks a very important date for us. We begin a completely new chapter of CH24.PL – one that we’ve been working on for quite a few months now. The idea came spontaneously, about the time of the past Christmas, when our friends and readers asked us, what can one buy as a gift to someone, who is a proper watch geek. To make it perfectly clear, our answer was always bright and simple – buy a watch. Sadly more often than not the budget does not allow such an extravagance (and to those that actually got a watch, we salute). So working on a perfect watch-related gifts list we came to a conclusion, that are only a few interesting offers out there – both interesting enough to satisfy a refined taste and not overly expensive at the same time. Basically what we asked ourselves was – would I buy that? We usually had at least a good amount of doubt, so decided to make a change. We’re more than proud to present you the result of our work.

Shop CH24 - hand-made straps
Shop CH24 – hand-made straps

SHOP.CH24.PL focuses on a specially curated objects that we all like and use, but made with an utmost care in unique shapes and forms. Our flagship, one that we are particularly proud off – is a set of special pocket squares collection entitled “Cult Watches”, inspired by legendary watchmaking creations and their stories. Designed by a renowned Polish illustrator Jan Kallwejt, they are superbly pleasing to the eye, adding a special touch to your classic uniform of the day. We of course could not go without a series of hand-made watch straps, made for us by Polish strap-making icon and true expert in the craft – Jakub Filip Szymaniak. If you want to change your timepiece the simple yet most effective possible way, new “shoes” for it are what you need. You can chose form a few classic and vintage inspired designs, soon to be complemented by additional looks and materials.

If you like art, and watch-related art to that, we highly recommend graphics painted by Anna Halarewicz, one of the hot names in Polish art community. The inspiration behind Anna’s work for our shop was the Moon landing, space and the watch that stood on the Moon – the Omega Speedmaster (particular favorite of her own collection too). Each painting is a unique piece and would perfectly complement a classy and well-designed interior. We even have some very necessary tools for you (hard to go without them), some literature and some additional accessories to complete your every-day look.

Shop CH24 - pocket square "Cult Watches"
Shop CH24 – pocket square “Cult Watches”

We sincerely hope that we chose for you will please your taste. We also hope and expect you to tell us, what are the items you’d love to see in our CH24.PL shop. Allow us to invite you to enhance your watch-passion with special items, that will only add an extra touch to it. 6th of December is a very special day when you give to others. It might also be a perfect occasion to treat yourself. We can assure you, that anything you will buy form SHOP.CH24.PL, will not disappoint.

To visit our shop click HERE.

Shop CH24 - watch-related albums
Shop CH24 – watch-related albums

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