Timebloid Watch Game of NBA Stars – Michael Jordan

We hereby present the greatest basketball player in the history of this sport. “His Airness”, as MJ used to be called, is also a brand himself, the face of countless ads and products. Basketball fans usually don’t realize that he had a lesser known side. Being a great enthusiast of cigars and watches. You are about to discover stuff about the latter.

Timebloid Top watches worn by Fortune500 CEOs

We are presenting today a bunch of guys for whom the saying “time is money” fits almost too well. We are speaking about no one else than the heads of global corporations who perfected the big scale management of both time AND money. Here’s the list of the most recognizable CEOs and their timepieces.

Timebloid TOP 9 most expensive watches in history

We’re presenting a set of very unusual timepieces. So unique that if you combine their value together it will be more than GDP of Kiribati archipelagos or, if you prefer comparisons in more aerial fashion, more than one Boeing Dreamliner. Here are top 9 most expensive watches in the world where each costs more than 10 mln USD.

Timebloid Horological showbiz: Eric Clapton

To continue our celebrity watch showdown we will focus today on one of the most influential guitar players of all time. Eighteen times Grammy winner, member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone’s second most iconic guitar player (loosing only to Jimi Hendrix) – Mr. Eric Clapton.

Timebloid Horological showbiz: Robert Downey Jr.

In the next chapter of our periodical analysis about what’s on the wrist of worldwide celebrities, let’s welcome a person whose horological habits go along very well with movie characters he played, especially one in particular. Ladies and gents – Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark or just Iron Man and his superheroes of timepieces world.